Wednesday, February 27, 2008

back to normal

I was let go from work on Monday. It was the 3 month mark; the end of probation & time to decide. With one week's notice I just wanted to finish a few emails and just get out. They offered to let me walk almost straight away & after completing time sheets I just walked out.

It's the right decision. I want to work in a more digital field - more web and social community based. After 3 months there was no digital work. It was all event marketing, which I was never interested in.

Next week I'm off to Noosa for a week to see my cousin, her kids, my other cousin, her son & various others. One week to just play with the kids (ie. me dancing to Elvis or Coldplay or U2) swim and beverage-on with my lovely cousin. I feel free, like it's school holidays.

I'm sitting at home, with my computer, just been up to the local cafe, flirted with the boys and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.....actually, yes, but that involves another person & that's not possible right this is the best fun I can have by myself.

In my fantasy version of what happens next, The Traveller invites me overseas on his next trip (in April) & we travel for a few weeks, have a great time getting to know one another via airports, planes and hotels while I blog, visit shops, feel inspired and we hook up at night. The ex-wife dies of something & I inherit two kids, have one of my own, and I write while we both make each other happy. (most of the time).

anyway, back to my 5 yr old computer, phoning the repair people to fix things and spraying the apartment for cockroaches.


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Chic Rugby said...

Kit Cat,

What's been happening in your life since this post?

k said...

no more writing?
what's been going on with you?