Saturday, April 05, 2008

Don't want to work

Not working is not like holidays. It's just not working for someone for 5 days and trying to fit in all your other life activities in the spare time. I can fully occupy myself. Friends, reading, blogging (although a bit inactive lately) running around, attending free cooking classes. It's all rather good fun really. I am lucky I have the shop to keep me occupied for a few days a week (I'm lying - I go there everyday)

I like not working. The day I left the marketing company was a brilliant summer day. I headed for an outdoor cafe, where the leaf filtered sunlight plays across the tables. I felt like myself. Happiest sitting in cafes, pondering the world, writing notes and observing peoples.

In the 4 weeks since leaving work I've traveled to Queensland to visit my cousin, drove down to the South Coast in a convertible for Easter and dreamed away the demons from work. I realised the marketing work was not stimulating for me. The other Account Director telling said 'So all I do is organise meetings ?" to our boss the week before I left.

My big plan is to work part time in a web or digital marketing company, do marketing for the shop (we have a facebook page now!) and write.

The first wish came true last week. An old colleague is looking for an account manager for 3 days a week. He very delightfully said he was really pleased to work with me again. There are more talks and discussions before it's final but it's part of the puzzle.

As for the writing, I had to leave the blog alone for a while. See what happened. Did I miss it ? what else can I write about... I have notebooks all over the place, but what do I want to write about ? is this is way to start ? Starting is about just starting. I really like this blog and it's a good thought dump but I will try something else, not as a blog but a story. If Jane Austen could write her novel using only 20 mins a day, then so can I.

and how's the love life ? I hear you ask. Well I've thought about The Traveller every day. It's a pattern of obsession I have. He hasn't contacted me, which didn't stop me sending a few friendly emails. All I know is the (soon-to-be-ex) wife (my wishful words) is giving him a hard time. But can't do anything else except live my own life. All this emotional stuff does get easier as you get older, but the ache..the little fire you have to share with someone never goes away.

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k said...

so glad you are back ;) if you are doing your writing in another area online, I would love to just read it and enjoy :)