Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mystery Man

I've neglected to let you lot know of an on-going liaison. He's my Mystery Man. Who calls on the moment for drinks or dinner. We talk for hours, drink for hours and then I collapse at his place. Usually after dancing on his couch (it's an ongoing habit I have) or in his car (if you slide down enough you can get your legs through the sun roof, like a synchronised swimmer)

Haven't mentioned him before as it is what it is... a sporadic night out with someone fun and interesting. Sometimes he tries to kiss me & sometimes I do. Sometimes we just fall asleep. He's a playmate..a good male friend and you can try things out on him.

We went out dancing to a retro club. He can salsa dance & I like silly dancing...the kind where you mock-imitate a serious dancer or overstress the dramatics of the song. Can you tell I grew up in the new romantic 80's and hung out in Gay/ Drag Queen clubs ?

My dance persona for the night was 'I tease, but you can't touch..maybe sometimes'. I would shimmy up to him, then push him away. Then dance up to him, drag my hands down his chest, then turn and dance away. I can't keep a serious face so would just burst out laughing.

After 3 hours of this dancing and a few beers we were exhausted. Mystery Man has the best bedroom set up, in terms of sleeping. He's super fussy about noise and light as well as quality of sheets and pillows. It's an invitation for a proper sleep when I go there.

The only problem, and the reason why Mystery Man and I are not fully compatible, is our sleeping patterns. He's a Vampire and I'm a Koala. He sleeps until earliest 11am and goes to bed between 1-3am. I like to get up early, have a nap in the afternoon and then get another 9 hours sleep. Koala's like to sleep, especially after eating gum leaves, it's like dope for them and they are always drowsy. So I'm a Koala. Not doped up but always sleepy.

But that morning I was frisky. Too long between drinks! Had to plan the timing. Firstly I had to sleep-in then get up, have some food and go back to bed. Had to co-ordinate the moment we would be both awake and ready.

After our frisky session I realised we were both sober. Too often things happen last on a big night & the quality of friskiness is diminished. Sober is good. Sober and in the early afternoon.

How normal do you feel after a good romp ? A little bit more alive, a little bit calmer, and a whole lot more connected. No longer just a head with thoughts, your body is back in the mix.

Probably what I like about my Mystery Man is there is no emotional complication. There is no certainty either but I do certainly like a good frisky session with him, both on the dance floor and in his Vampire's lair.


k said...

nice ;)

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Sounds super nice!