Monday, April 28, 2008


This dating life just goes on and on. In the last five years my longest relationship would be 3 weeks! No-one just tries bumping along in a relationship, it has to be right or it never happens.

The good part to that is you don't spend too much time with the wrong person. You do the quick brave conversation, either on the phone or in person, don't accept emails or text messages, and then it's all over.

Another good part is most people you meet are single or in a definate relationship. There are no half relationships, or people just sticking together. You don't put up with someone's partner who is wrong for your friend or endure those conversations where she is in denial about the quality of the relationship.

I had a few drinks with a bloke on Sunday afternoon. By then my talking muscle was over-used. I was tired and make-up less and was dying for an afternoon nap. We talked for a few hours and both agreed we wanted alone time to finish the afternoon. He went to watch a DVD and I went home to have a nap. (I am a koala, after all)

Bars and restaurants are for friends. We know what we like, who we like dinning with and what wines we like sharing. Going on a date is stressful. You feel so obvious at the restuarant as you question your tastes in front of the waiter while you negotiate the order. you like chilli ? do you eat meat? do you like red or white ?

Dates should be in supermarkets, hosting lunch or finding the new Ikea store in some far away suburb. The things you do everyday, the events you can't avoid. I'd rather go backwards, start with meeting his parents, do the weekly shopping, move house (his or a friends) and then book a holiday. Prehaps look after him when he has a man-flu and then he has to buy my womens' needs from the chemist. Ah, what fun we could have without a bar, museum or sniggering waiter in site.

So I've accepted that just because you can negotiate a meal together, chat all night and feel the urge to shag him co-incidentally just as the alcohol deepens, it doesn't really indicate a good relationship. Those moments will happen quietly and differently.

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