Tuesday, June 03, 2008

two down

The Traveller is travelling again & with all his family responsibilities (two sons, a sick mother and suicidal sister) I'm punting on this not being a good time for him.

Mr Enthusiastic told me on Saturday night he wasn't in a good place either. Which was fine with me..I like him as a friend, in fact he is a friend, a great one, but nothing more.

Which leaves Mystery Man. But he's only what he is, a friend, a buddy, an occasional dirty stop-over and excellent dinner companion.

So I read some astro stuff...all about Pluto in Capricorn and how it's affecting Gemini's. It said either I had great soul affecting sex or I went celibate. Either or. The best or nothing. I kind of agree. I realise my desire is very stop start. It could be based on my monthly cycle but it's probably a combination of increased chemicals each month and an actual desire for that person.... and vice versa.

Desire is inconsistent. Some things take precedent, paying bills, talking to friends, ...I don't have time to think or make it happen. It's just not important right now. This might change in a few weeks when the cycle begins again.

Right now a good bottle of champagne, a good night's sleep and a long hot shower are my current pleasures. Just remembered I have some prosciutto in the fridge...how I love that salty meat.. Here's a theme, food as a substitute..!

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