Friday, February 09, 2007

the speed of it all

If anyone had noticed: there were posts about a set-up by my friends with The Viking. The new rules of this blog prevent me from discussing on-going dates. Reason being, the weirdness of dissecting something that is on-going when the first few meeting/dates are unrealistic & hard to analyse, let alone post on a public blog (despite there being only 4 readers, it's still public) To prevent any new paramour from thinking, rightly, that I'm weird and possible deceptive by posting my life on a blog...I won't post until either after or not at all....depending on if it's a good story too!

So now I can post, because, dear readers, after 2 dates, it's over. Meeting No. 1 was a friend's BBQ. Date no. 1 was a film the lovely outdoor cinema and involved drinking the second bottle of wine in the park until after midnight. Date No. 2 was dinner. In between the dates was the email marathon. At least 5 emails a day, each. It kept the rhythm humming, the thoughts ticking over. The pinging of the inbox was an indication of something continuous.

The dinner date was nice, but I thought he was a bit stiff. He didn't ask me anything..and I had dropped hints.... like 'oh, I will talk about why I'm on a TV show, but I need a few drinks..." After dinner we bought gelato & sat in the park, incidentially, where lies Miss Haversham's grave (yes, from Dickens). The night was warm & still, the grass even smelt in the warm air. Perfect night pashing moment. But he remained eyes fixed straight ahead. You can't flirt with a stick, so I decided to go home. It was a technically good date. All the elements but no heat.

They say a man works on gut reaction. Something happened that night that hit his gut. Well after six days it was time to 'out' him. Get in contact & call his bluff. I just hate it when they do it first. Men will just ignore you if it's not going to their liking. The old silence trick. This was text book. Even phone calls went to voice message. Now he would have to say something to stop me contacting him. I was more concerned about seeing him again, amongst the friends who had set us up. Just wanted to do the deed. Say I could tell what was going on.

The email came through around lunchtime, saying he was sorry, he can't pursue anything beyond a friendship. I picked up my phone & deleted his number.

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