Tuesday, October 16, 2007

back in action, kind of

Where have I been? unable to post anything reasonable. Still waiting for the final job interview. Now scheduled for this Friday and that's where I've been focused. Researching, writing and filling my head with stuff which will fall out once I've done the talk. I'm an expert for about 24 hours then the info just vanishes. Does that happen to you? Lots of knowledge just passes through, stops and has a look around & then packs up and goes.

Kind of like some men around me. Is he for me? will he suit ? or is he a passing thing. I'm not trying. Went to a BBQ on the weekend at a backyard in Bondi. Lots of lovely people to talk to, all women of course, but the birthday boy was someone I was encouraged to flirt with. A long term bachelor, aged 42 or so, slim, interesting, funny etc.

I went into his apartment to use the bathroom. It was such an early 20's home. Bits of furniture, emphasis on the TV and music. Broken door handles, broken towel rails. At least it was clean.

Back to the small backyard I looked around at this friends. They are all 'cool' but old. 40 yr olds in pigtails, cowboy hats & checked shirts. Men with chain store surfing clothes. Not just only seeing people via their clothes but they also looked around & at you like it was a nightclub, not the easy mixing backyard BBQ that it was. Talking to these people was like trying to show how cool you are... too much effort !

I don't want to be cool. Being cool is not fun, it takes the silliness out of life. I like being a dag sometimes - like seeing old 80's bands at workers clubs, I like being nice to wait staff & smiling at people with dogs or babies. But I'm not a push-over. I know where the best parking spots are in the city, I know how to be firm with tele-sales people. I know that Toto's 'Rosanna' is a great song to dance to on the iPod when drunk.

So the birthday boy was trying to be cool and youthful. He's 42, that's not cool to me. Cool is too restrictive & beside, it's more fun to be a dag.


Chic Rugby said...

Cat, you are not a dag!

Anonymous said...

Cat, you are writing as though your romantic mind were elsewhere.

Cat's Experiment said...

@chic. thanks my sweet. I'm a dag next to those cool people, but I don't car.

@anonymous, you're right. not feeling very amorous or romantic. think it's a combo of getting new job & having to find a new flatmate..!

Chic Rugby said...

'Cool' is highly subjective.

'Daggy' is the new cool :-D If 'cool' is a good thing then dags who say please and thank you, who keep their word, who have the integrity to do the right thing etc are the coolest people of all :-D

We wear knickers and knee length skirts, brush our hair, make newcomers feel welcome, stick to the speed limit, and go to bed at a reasonable time :-D Hence we can't be photographed knickerless, are well-liked by others, save money in speeding fines, and look refreshed and glowing in the morning!

Dags of the world unite (could be an idea for a new blog!).


k said...

LOL - I don't know exactly what a 'dag' is, though I think I get the picture.
I totally know what you mean. I think there is a point when it doesn't truly matter all that much and honestly, it's great that you have other focus for now, just means the men will more or less 'appear' rather than be hunted for, make sense?

Who wants a cool boy? I'd rather have someone nice and sweet and slightly on the geeky side, but that's just me :)