Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spitting Image

Watching a psychologist on morning TV explain through images the physical similarity of Angelina's Dad (John Voight) to Brad; then Guy Ritchie to Madonna's Dad.

We pick people who look like our parents & for women, it's the idea of a man taking care of us, like our Dad.

This made me think about my Dad: a wonderful man & married to my Mum for over 40 years. He's my business mentor, financial adviser & an appalling joke teller. He' s also extremely fit for 67 & still works - which is good for him, both mentally and socially.

Dad thinks he looks like this bloke, Steve McQueen.

I'm not looking for someone to race motorbikes over fences, nor die early, but the visual thing..

Does your Dad look like someone or do you recognise your interest in someone because of similar features/ habits..


Chic Rugby said...

Kit Cat, upload a photo of your dad so we can compare him to Steve :-D

Cat's Experiment said...

my dad would freak if I did that to him..bad enough I had my party photos on facebook..

k said...

LOL - I'm not sure, but it does seem to make sense. I tend to go for darker featured men, though I date blondes (but prefer darker...).
If you see on my facebook Cat, there are pics of my dad under 'redneck' pics - ya, wouldn't date someon who acted like my dad so much, lol - he's a redneck!