Monday, October 08, 2007

here but in a different way

I'm on the edge of a new completely different from my other it's hard to think. Currently I work for myself & have done for 6 years, I also run a fashion shop. The store will continue but the other things will have to be ditched.

I'm preparing three presentations on strategic marketing for an experiential marketing company. I'm the expert on interactive & Web 2.0 media marketing. Thanks to my interest in blogging, wikis, mobile phones and eBay, I've managed to become a semi-expert. The presentations are this week. It's been a 2 month process and it's right there...the opportunity to shift my life completely. There is nothing like a job to change your life. Relationships can happen within moments and then disapear with a cracking thud to the heart. Jobs are much more permanent. Hard to acquire, hard to know if they're right by oh so satisfying when it's good.

Right now, the man is impossible, the job is the nearest thing to any long-term satisfaction..or in marketing speak, 'long-term engagement' ... so I'm getting engaged to a job. I just need to be proposed to.


Anonymous said...

are you kidding yourself about jobs 'jobs are much more permanent ...' (where have you been) or practising your marketing speak - give it a break.

Cat's Experiment said...

I love that nasty comments are left by the anonymous ones.

I've had jobs that last longer than relationships. It's an observation that is truthful for me, and probably for others.

Anonymous said...

I am also anon, but not the one above - how mean!

Good luck with the presentations and hopefully the new job, Cat.

You certainly deserve it!

Cat's Experiment said...
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Cat's Experiment said...

thank you nice anon ! this job is super important to me, anyway.

k said...

LOL - jobs are more permanent for me too - I'm at almost 4 years on this one and couldn't be happier (ok, they could pay me more, but it would never been enough, lol).
Yep, truthful for me - my longest relationship was 3 years.
Congrats on your engagement :)