Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Posting from elsewhere

Mum is asleep downstairs, Antiques Roadshow is on cable & I'm at their house caring for Mum for a few hours. She got home from hospital yesterday after finishing radiation treatment.

I want to manage my time better. All I do is walk the dog, see Mum, go to the shop & drink. I feel fat & unproductive. How can I look good for Sunday lunch?

Sunday is lunch at best male friends house, Basil & his wife Lavender. It's his 40th & he's cooking lunch & bringing out the special wines, stored for peak maturity in his 40th year. There are 8 people for lunch, including, The Traveller. I am interested to see him again, of course. Always good to follow up on past interests and see if 'the liking' is still there or was entirely self created.

I'll be using cheap but effective beauty methods. A razor for the legs, facecloth for the body & face & a good long shower with lots of smelly stuff. That won't help the hair colour re-growth, but at least it'll be clean.

But I take a new philosophy. It's like a new secret weapon for me...a thought position that protects me from unwanted emotional responses, like lust & drunken desire.

I only like people who are interested in me.

Blokes who ask questions, look at me & not the crowd & take the conversation to that tangent you create together. For instance, last weekend at lunch, we had plates of prawns. I was playing with my prawn & imitated a mini scream as I ripped off it's head. Then I made a ringing sound & passed my friend a prawn 'It's for you' I said. He placed in on his ear and said 'Hey it's a blue-tooth-prawn.'

Now back to doing my laundry & ironing everything in I'll have something to wear on Sunday.


k said...

go to the drugstore and get some hair gloss - it's around $10 and helps to 'refresh' the brightness you get from colouring. I just bought some the other day and it's not too bad!
Just play up the smiles, those do wonders :)

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