Monday, August 18, 2008


Lunch went until 9pm. There are some photos on Facebook, of the Truffles we ate, my old friends and The Traveller. I did wear the plunging top then put on scarf which covered it all up. I'm useless.

So what happened ? I got to tell the 'being arrested' story. Which happened the night I saw him last. And where my business is going, but these stories were told to the table.

I just thought, he's lovely, he's nice but he doesn't really like me, enough. And I didn't feel like trying. So I didn't sit next to him, I didn't ask him how his family is... he asked me about Barack Obama (we both like US politics)..but essentially there was no light, he didn't give off any flirt vibes. I've had his attention before & the difference was obvious...not rude, but just not there.

He left at 6pm, while a bunch of us stayed on.

So this morning, it felt over. In my mind anyway. A sad feeling, but an answer nonetheless.

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k said...

It's sad when it's an end, but good that there is an end. It's worse then there's that chance of: what if? or, maybe he did something...

Better to be affirmative, don't you think?

On another note, my stupid google reader isn't updating you, so I have been missing out! but have been seeing the shots on facecrack :)