Friday, April 06, 2007

Bad Date Karma Places

There are a number of pubs in Surry Hills, all re-fitted to modern inner city standards. Last night we chose The Dolphin, instead of the usual Clock or the White Horse which sits inbetween these two, all 200 metres apart.

While walking past the White Horse with its Italian metal horse sculpture on top, I was reminded of a fatal date I had there a few years ago. As I left the flat to go out, the current flat mate yelled out, "Oh, the White Horse, not a good place to meet a date, it won't work out." "why?" I asked, "They just never work out, It happened to me and a few others." The date was with MrBalconyView, our first, it didnt' work out & I was left to handle the after effects of that infatuation for another few years.

Last night, of the three pubs, the White Horse, was the emptiest. Not because it's a designer space or more expensive drinks, but I think it's a Bad Date Karma Place.

The Hollywood Hotel, a pre-war style pub, in the wrong part of Surry Hills is my pashing pub. You get good snogging karma there. The lighting is dim, the bands sometimes too loud or silly, so you end up snuggling up to your desired. Squash & Pash.

Do you have favourite places to take someone ? or do others consistently create the wrong vibe? don't leave the night to chance..! take heed the location vibes and choose well. Pash or Dash.


k said...

I'm a fan of a place by my place which is a lounge/restaurant. I actually have two, one's a bit more upscale than the other. Both serve killer martinis and both are fairly relaxing. The lowerend one is quite quaint and small and you usually end up sitting very close to your date, but it's nice and not overly expensive. there's a pub down the street, but it's horrible. I went there once and the food was cold and the atmosphere wasn't pleasant at all. The only good pubs aren't close to me.

Cat's Experiment said...

a place that makes a good martini is my friend.

you need a few of these places close by and don't look like they are trying to hard to create an atmosphere.