Tuesday, April 03, 2007

finding the fit man

A few years ago I saw Elizabeth the psychic. Many things dont' make sense but she did mention stuff about TV & Films which is now true. I have focused on the few keys things she said about the next bloke, as you do.

The description was 'nice partner coming into life, caring, fit, kind. nice family. A boat, dogs, 2-3 children, you'll live near water - not in sydney, he'll have ppl in Noosa."

Since then, never in my life have I gone out with so many fit blokes. There's been marathon runners (he'd run to get the car the next day after big night out, a handy skill) , rowers, 6am gym maniacs, the surfing physiologist, a pentathete (the horses and archery kind) and now the fitest of them all, a motivational coach & fitness book writer, MrUltraFit, called for a catch-up.

All of them want to live near water, all want to buy boats... it's like a package, once they are fit, they want the other bits.

So the Ultimate Fit bloke, the one I kissed for a bottle of wine six months ago, emailed to catch-up. We meet in Chinatown for a quick meal, ended up talking until they cleaned up around us & stacked the chairs. And guess what? he just bought a boat, and is off up the coast to his dad's holiday house, you guessed it, by the water for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cat,

I didn't know how else to contact you, so I try it this way... I had a look at www.rsvp.com.au (I am not Australian, as you will have figured out). There is a website that would suit your quest, I think, and actually yield great answers, or so at least some of my friends say. Problem is, as far as I know, it has its base in Europe, and I do not know whether you're interested in that case? Anyway, it's a pay site once you want to get in touch with people, but you can do the (serious!) psychological test for free, see your results and the people who would match you according to their test results. You only have to pay once you want to get in touch or reply to someone, up to there it's free, so maybe worth a shot?? I know two couples who have found their partners and founded families... And it all feels so natural because they fit in so many respects. Because it's a pay site i think there are more "serious" people in there than elsewhere on the web. And many wouldn't mind emigrating to Australia, as I think the Australians are only a minority. ;-)
The site has 2,5 million members from all over the world! Check it out, maybe the UK-site is best for you:

Love your blog,
Silly Vanilly

Cat's Experiment said...

hello silly vanilly, thanks for posting (it proves there are ppl out there reading this!) I was on RSVP the other night, with Nicole, her two daughters were helping her select someone, it was fun. I think if MrUltraFit doesnt' work out, I'll go back on..
What's your story are you partnered? cat

Anonymous said...

Dear Cat,

I've been a single girl for the past six weeks. My former boyfriend was wonderful (but with unsurpassable psychological troubles - I advise against virgo lawyers! ;-) and I guess I should be glad he left. (I'm 25, he's 36, divorced with child. So, given the character combination, no wonder this didn't work out.) Well, at the moment I'm not looking for someone, I'm still mourning a little. And work is hell, so wouldn't have the time till summer anyway.
Try the Parship Test, even if just for fun and to see who THEY'D match you with! It won't take more than 15 min. I did it years ago and then a few months back, and the results had changed considerably...

All the best,
Silly V.

Cat's Experiment said...

hello silly V, lawyers can do your head in..use this time off to be yourself and find your head space again. You'll soon discover a sense of relief..they you'll get a better sense of what the relationship was all about.

I did the parship test, really interesting..I think too much and should look for someone who lets me express my feelings and appreciates my generosity.. I'll do a posting of it..thanks! cat x