Friday, April 06, 2007

High Maintenance

To me High Maintenace is about grooming. Having super straight hair, seeing a beautician for every need, and more annoying, being worried about your appearance instead of enjoying the people you are with. That's not me.

So was suprised to come across an old magazine article where a certain accessory was deemed 'high maintenance'. 100 men were asked to rate a date's clothing. Bare shoulders, plunging necklines, dangly earrings and silver shoes were rated highly. Ra-Ra skirts, stripey dresses, white boots and long thin scarves were not attractive. In one of the six pictures analysed, the nicest looking girl, to me, carried a large hangbag. A large modern printed carry-all. Kind of like the one I use. Huge, fits everything, the kind other women ask me where it's from. My women-envy bag.

Bulky Bag " She's high maintenance ! it looks like she's porting her life around with her." - was the comment.

Does a small bag evoke freedom? Out last night was new mother, Sonya, she was brandishing her small shiny clutch, a welcome relief from baby and sticky fingers. I could see her small bag symbolised her lack of responsiblity, her freedom gained temporarily.

remind me to switch bags before I go out.


Laurel Papworth said...

Just tell 'em the big bag has a clean pair of undies and a toothbrush in it, in case you get "lucky". That'll make 'em change their tune. :P

Your email isn't working Cat, I responded and it bounced.

Check this out. this link
About a dating experiment on an RSVP sort of site, I think. Xxxx

Cat's Experiment said...

my friend Holly has a kit of over night things, undies, face wash etc, she's condense the whole thing..I'm not that organised, so the large bag is my friend!

hey, just installed a gmail email if you want to use that..

congrats on Vogue article too!
cat x