Thursday, October 12, 2006

80/ 20 rule

Mr BalconyView's business card has moved a few times. From the freezer to my wish box, to my plastic box of business cards at work. I think it will stay there now.

A few weeks ago MrBv was sick & he actually wrote more than 3 sentences in an email...using his blackberry from his harbourview bedroom.

Mr Chatty was being boring & not making any effort to do anything, so I was feeling peeved. I felt there was no attraction & was taking the mental steps of pushing him to the back of my mind's extistence.

I just let rip to MrBV. A 3 para diatribe about wanting to find someone but didn't know how. I was sick of being a cheerleader and considered becoming demanding and flaky. Prehaps being nice is good for charity but not for love & satisfying relationships, I wrote.

I've noticed an increasing need for D&M style conversations; superficialilty is passe. Intensity is building. No longer afraid of depth charging questions to others. MrBalconyView (the crush is back on) emailed 'how are you?" I replied with my frustrations about finding love - a response to his question back in march (how do you know when you've meet the one?) then, knowing I had created an 'email bomb' I decieded to leave him alone (aquarians hate to be ignored) 7 days later I get a sweet text 'thinking of you & how are you'. my blast was accepted !

it's the 80/20 rule....80% of your efforts may be in vain, but there is a 20% chance it will work....this logic applies to any mad endeavours.

I am looking forward to the remainder of the year. Bring on the intensity, the crazy dreams & the love

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