Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the spark

just got word, that Mr Sparkly is waiting to meet someone he sparks with... he didn't get it with me...and he's too busy right now as well..

wow...I know so many the 39 - 44 age bracket who are 'still waiting' , waiting for the spark. But I do agree with them, I'm doing that too. Some of my wish list is not negotiable, there has to be passion & connection, without that there is no basis. It's not an overwhelming passion, but something you clearly feel without effort. I am negotiable on other aspects, amount of body fat, height & music taste, for example, and can even take on other political persuasions as well...but not far right/ christian...there are some limits!

Thursday is the singles party, Saturday is a great friends 40th... I am 'out-there' meeting & greeting... I am busy but not too busy, especially if the person is right.

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k said...

I've been there. Went out with this really great guy for just over a month or so, but neither one of us felt that spark, just went through the motions until neither one of us could take it anymore, lol. Got a great friend out of it though!
I think that 'spark' is SOOO important. I realize that sometimes when you meet someone, the spark can get stronger, but really... it's nicer if it's there in the beginning :)