Thursday, October 12, 2006

overdue update

I've been on a quest. To find If I need to do this Blog. it takes 30 - 50 minutes a day writing, editing & re-organising.

Blogs are passe already (to the early adopters) & I've only just discovered them. Yet, it's a new version of an old habit as I've kept a diary for years. It's also sporadic, so nothing new there! but still it exists.

this is where the on-line diary differs.

I see my decisions change on a daily/ weekly basis & know if I'm fickle, mean, silly, or wise: or human.

sometimes the immediate events are solid & justifiable, rational. whereas after a friday night at home, watching oprah's 20th anniversary DVD, a box of tissues & half a bottle of red wine later, I'm either sad or angry or or completely okay about my life.

I fluctuate & I'm exposing that mostly to myself, but to any of you lot
who choose to read this & comment....with fantastic responses too! (thank you!)

1 comment:

k said...

Hello -
See, this is the problem, putting too much thought into it :)
The joy of the blog is that you can write whatever you want without worrying what the public thinks - cause we don't know you.
I see it more along the lines of therapy - getting it off your chest and out there.
Don't take it too seriously, just write what you feel.
I know I enjoy reading yours, even if you do think it's passe :)