Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Australia Day

sometimes it not about the destination, but the journey. So very 'The Alchemist'

2007 is the year we get a relationship. I'm convinced of that. By me, I mean all my friends. The tipping point has begun. But what we do until this happens is what we did on Australia Day.

January 26th, was the day Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay & declared this country for England & later for it's over burdened convicts. This is not a history lesson it's a NOW lesson. Australia Day never meant much, doesnt' have the patriotism of Anzac Day nor the wintery long weekend for the Queen's Birthday. It occurs during school or uni holidays & feels like a extra day of Summer. Over the last few years our sense of patriotism has increased. Theories abound, from our sucess at sport (particulary the Sydney Olympics 2000 ) to the enthusiasm of Generation Y as why this day is now popular. Someone finally joined our patriotic dots and found our mutual love of water, bbqs and relaxing could be all enjoyed on the one day all together. Hence Australia Day is a national holiday for having a BBQ with friends, preferably by the water & uttering words like 'why would you be anywhere else?"

Holly has an apartment right on Sydney Harbour. complete with grassy bits & a BBQ. If you could Google Earth her address you'd see it next to the Prime Minister's house & Harbour Bridge. Nice.

Dragging jugs of Pims, plates of chicken sandwiches I joined her & 20 friends on the lawn. Nicole & Liz's kids were jumping off the walls into the harbour. The emerald green harbour. Before I could peel back the glad wrap on the sandwiches I had my togs on & dived in. Delicious. Floating in the Harbour, looking at the scene, I just had to shake my head. Why would I live anywhere else?

We are over being sophisticated adults. We hold & chair the meetings, deal with senior staffers & have titles like 'director' and 'owner/ manager' . We know which bar to drink in, which resturant to go to, and can tell the difference between Verve & Moet - a huge leap from Pepsi vs Coke ! So it's the simple appreciative side which enjoyed Australia Day. The part of you that couldn't care about wet hair, junk food & warm wine glasses. I can have sophisticated any day I want ! but that day. that warm, glorious day filled with sunbaking, wet towels, cold showers after harbour swims & melted tims tams, was the best.

One in, all in. Swimming in the ocean & getting a boyfriend, that is.

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