Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brad, where are you?

(background music: Chaka Khan " This is my night")

The change of year brings about so much & the best way to deal with to see a psychic! At the Terrigal beach house we had Rayleen come and read for us. I have the whole thing on tape, promoting the search for my old sony walkman...anyhoo...where are the boys is my only question. She said 'who's Brad?' I know no Brad at all, save Mr Pitt. So now the search is on.. am concerned I am super influenced by that name & will stupidly focus only on that!

A few years ago I saw Elizabeth, who threw the names 'Tom' & 'Peter' at me. Another complete blank. If only she'd used 'Chris' or 'David' I would have gone back to see her.

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