Tuesday, January 09, 2007

torso year

After Aunt Helen's advice to dream about sex more, I had a vivid dream of a male torso, a nicely muscled sporty one. Telling the girls the first morning at the beachhouse, how while waiting for the fish and chips last night, I was watching the kayaker's pull their kayaks out of the water. Mesmerised by their lovely male torso's it put me in the mood for more beach action in our holiday week.

We discussed manifesting in the morning. Wanting something, asking the universe to make it happen...actively asking for things. At the moment the parking fairy is being good to me. So Wanted to test this theory a bit more.

I would like to see more torso's. More men on the beach pulling out surf ski's. Torso Candy is what I asked for. Hours later after a morning on the beach I was still shocked at the outcome of that request. I was lying on the beach after a good long swim & was looking around. Out to sea was a gathering of kayakers. They started paddling into shore, thinking they were headed for the surf club, further up, they paddled straight towards us. smack onto the beach in front of us. A Dozen men in speedos, getting of the water, hauling their kayaks. From behind our sunglasses, Liz & I were stunned. It was not just proof of the power of manifesting, but that it happened in such a dramatic & humourous way.

so I'm calling 2007, the year of the torso.

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