Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Domino Theory

some call it the tipping point, I call it Domino Theory.

There is some trigger to behaivour. Last year we all bought houses (or rather, all got mortgages!) Being such a champagne theorist, as I am. I've proposed that 2007 is the year of the relationship (and 'the torso', but they go hand in hand ! ) now this is because Suzy is in a relationship. She is one of the core. And this relationship is a good one. It's an integrated one. She is happy, we like him, & they are doing stuff together & seperately & it's ticking along nicely.

Suzy is the lead domino. We are all about to fall into relationships.


k said...

Is there anyway that the domino affect could land it's way over to Canada?
Good luck!

Cat's Experiment said...

oh yes! it's universal. you watch yourself this year...it could be you whose the lead domino :-)