Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A few months ago Liz & I decided to escape Sydney. We've seen the fireworks time & again but it's also the constant singleness, and NYE is another whack in the face.

I wanted to sit on a beach, with a bottle of Verve, friends & a gentle breeze. While the seaside town did it's best to get reeved up & celebrate NYE.

Terrigal was the place. 1.5 hours north of Sydney & we found a townhouse for the week. The relief of this organisation has been more satisfying than I could imagine. To know what you are doing on NYE for 6 weeks in advance is a new & enjoyable emotion.

I'm sitting here now on January 1st. We had the loveliest and funniest NYE. After spending the day at the beach, we slept, read trash mags & organised a ritual.

We each wrote issues both positive and negative from 06 & what we want from 07. We took candles, matches, bottle of wine & the four of us chicks all had hibicus flowers in our hair.
I sent out my NYE text message to everyone 'Good bye to difficult 2006, Hello to all the possibilites of 2007. As the late James Brown said 'I feel good''. Of the 20 people I sent it to mrBalconyView was the first to respond 'hope you are having fun in terrigal'(21:50pm) I wasn't going to respond but the next one shocked me. It was a picture message of the plant I gave him for his housewarming in May. 'look at your bamboo'(22:52pm) it said. Liz said 'if he behaves then maybe it will work out". I was determined to respond, but not just yet.

As we headed to the beach for midnight other groups emerged from the beach houses to do the same. The glo-stick family wandered by, the beer boys made suggestions & we ambled by with our woven tray of offerings for the new year.

Toasting ourselves from the sheltered rocky outcrop with the sounds of the Terrigal hotel noises in the background, Liz went down to the shore to burn her notes. She was soon approached by a young bloke. Tim who works for an investment bank He and his friends had hired a $10,000 apt on the beach & had some illegal fireworks they had set off on the beach. He kept telling us we were 'down chicks' which I think means we are cool.

We were encouraged to come back to his apartment. The other girls were all taking Tim aside & asking who we were & that we couldn't stay the night....so much drama. We left to wander home & enjoy the fact that we didn't need a taxi.

Once home I texted mrBalconyView. 'Terrigal has been the right choice. Hope you also make the right ones this year. I had no idea the lucky plant was doing so well. Ditto 4 yours at mine (he gave me a plant for my housewarming). See you some time soon." (1:52am)

no response, but that what I was trying to burn. My need to hang on to the idea of him

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