Thursday, January 11, 2007

Found Him!

It's Sydney Festival time & the hottest ticket is 'la Clique' at Spiegeltent it's a gorgeous 1920's German wood & mirrored tent featuring a cabaret/ circus/ burlesque show. 350 people were cramed into the place to see the likes of Captain Frodo who bends like a rubber man through two tennis rackets & Bath Boy who trapezes from bath to ceiling in wet jeans. My face was sore from laughing all night.

A friend of a friend had organised it & I got the last of his 10 tickets. We meet early to enjoy the outside gardens around the tent. Introduced to David & Margaret, who were asking each other 'where's Brad?' my ears pricked up, Brad! my psychic's suggested lover-to-be's name? Maybe this is it? ! Brad is on his way...I am to meet him & know this is it, the meeting of my life is about to occur. Being forwarned of my potential lover's arrival was not the pleasure I presumed. Would he know I was his one? was he looking for Cat, ie. me?

Brad arrived. I was confused, what do you say? 'hi, I've been waiting a long time for you? ! " He was introduced, he looks nice, I thought. He stared at me, questioningly, 'Do I know you?' he said. I looked to him, noting his face & could see no recognition, 'No, but we'll have to do a background check, maybe we live in the same area". 'What's your surname? " he asked. I told him. I could now feel a strong blush rising. 'Oh, I know your sister, went to Uni with her & I've been to your shop" I now recognised him.... the interior designer's gay colleague.

Now to meet a straight, available Brad, actually any name will do. Such a Sydney moment.

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