Monday, September 17, 2007

asking the colour rose

I'd never heard of Aura-Soma, a colour therapy system based on choosing bottles of colour. It was one of those Sunday afternoon things to do, walk around the local markets, stroll around a different suburb and happen upon a new store with pretty coloured bottles & a offer to colour consult you for $25. "why not" is the answer....

The Colour Rose is the shop name in the Sydney suburb of Balmain. It's all white with pretty coloured bottles all displayed. You pick 4 bottles & the consultant reads your purpose and energy via the colours chosen. I know even writing this it sounds bizarre, yet sometimes it takes a odd concept to untap hidden meanings and desires. Look at ink spots!

The consultant was a warm 47 yr old, I liked her straight forward manner & it turned out to be a good conversation about colours and their influences. We all know 4 yr old girls love pink, then 60 yr olds love purple & goths love black. So I love cornflower blue, girly pink & a good shot of hot red. These were all interpreted to mean certain emotions and attitudes. The blue is my signature colour & it transforms me when I wear it. My favourite cashmere hoodie, that cost me a small fortune 4 years ago, is this colour & I wear it to death.

The red bottle I choose represented the energy I have for life at the moment.

What really emerged was my desire for love. It's my biggest hurdle & greatest desire to bond with someone. The hurdles come from within me. I have a tendency to be over-critical about myself. I'm really hard on my perceived errors.

I'm going to take some time out from all the dating confusion. I need more physical energy & with the weather getting more delightful, it's almost a relief to stop thinking about men for a while & just start looking after me for a while & to love myself a bit more too.


Chic Rugby said...

Cat, take the pressure of yourself.

I'm doing it - I'm making myself be really decent and supportive of myself for a whole month! No more "I'm disappointing my mum because I'm single and she wants more grandkids", no more tears about nasty, lying neighbours who've shown me their characters, no more "I'm single because I'm too ....." or "there's no hope for me because I'm ...". I'm making myself stop and I'm making myself celebrate myself.

Kitty Cat, give yourself a break. Divert your attention with a fulfilling project that absorbs you and makes you laugh. There's nothing more attractive than a woman lost in something she enjoys doing.

You're worth a prince - but he's hidden amongst the frogs ;-)


Cat's Experiment said...

god you're fabulous!

I had a crazy dream last night. Lived in a house (with 3 dishwashers ?) that was being renovated (in a spectacular manner) & went to the bathroom mirror to apply make-up. I looked at myself and thought 'I am beautiful' and really saw myself that way.

I tried this morning to tell myself the same thing in the mirror and was less harsh on myself. I enjoyed it..

chic, sharing the's the way for us.. cat x

Chic Rugby said...

So, deep down you do see who you are ... you've just allowed yourself to develop a distorted viewpoint. I'm the same - sensitive, depressive and with a need to please. I'll blame my mother!

I've been having weird dreams too; lots about men I've lost and who've let me down. But I've also been stripping things back and shining a light on myself. I went to a lecture by the Australian Ambassador to South Africa recently, and enjoyed being a foreign policy nerd alongside a whole lot of other nerds. I'm making myself cook proper meals for myself, and treating myself to purchases from expensive food shops (don't tell MasterCard!). I've saved money in my piggy-bank and I've made myself tell other people 'no, I can't afford it right now'. I'm languishing on my sofa reading cookbooks and Economics books and books about 18th century women who broke the 'rules' and let down their parents ;-)

I'm doing everything I can to give myself to myself, and I'm finding myself, and others, more interesting and less threatening as a result. I've a fear of being hurt again, so I'm rebuilding my resilience and my optimism.

It seems sometimes like I'm 'wasting time'; but I realise all the time I've wasted in the past I've done so worrying, crying and thinking/fearing the worst.

Time to cotton wool yourself a bit, Cat! Time to be YOU, and not someone else.