Thursday, September 06, 2007

Single Girl's Dinner

There's a familiar theme amongst us... apart from tortured thoughts on males & that's how we dine at night, at home alone

Sitting here with a half-finished bottle of wine, slab of brie & internet connection I realise we have similar dietary habits.

Dressage: tracky bottoms (long ago they were for yoga) , ugg boots & today's smugged make-up.

In the fridge is a half-eaten take-away meal. It's from a pseudo home-cooked take-away place. At least it feels like I cooked it. Some meals taste better microwaved the next day ? don't you think ?

Vino in some form. Tonight it's a Spanish red.

Cheese always features. I like brie, but I have no idea the diff between Camembert and brie... may be a fat percentage in the wrong direction.

A glass of water for dehydration. Again the balance is falling the wrong way.

Mobile phone is within reach....remaining stubbornly quiet.

And sneaking out for a fag to starve off lack of fresh air. So I tell myself.

... then more boy thoughts before snuggling into clean sheets. Sometimes it's nice to be home alone.


k said...

So... new blog... are you going to forward me the link? drop me a note.

Sounds very much like some of the dinners I have too. Sometimes it's nice not to be responsible - it's those feeling I try to enjoy a tad bit longer...

Chic Rugby said...

My single girl dinners usually involve toast of some kind. I can't even be bothered to order take-away :-D


Anonymous said...

Brie! Or Camembert. Precisely. I love it with some tomato puree from the tub. And some sweets afterwards, usually something small of which I eat too much that includes / is covered in chocolate. - Girl dinners are best.