Friday, March 16, 2007

fully sick

In Aussie hip-hop language, 'fully sick' , is an expression of amazement. In Cat's language 'fully sick' means I have a terrible head cold, and it's 32 Deg today.

The times are strange, my friend. Something is brewing.

I was meant to be on a 10day silence retreat (virpassana) starting Wednesday, but I was asked to be a Godmother in tomorrow's ceremony - Saturday 17th. Work has also exploded so best I'm here. My friend Liz was meant to be in Tasmania climbing mountains but her work has delayed that plan.

There are numerous invitations on the calender, The Christening , A Liberal Party function (you much understand, I have a crush on Josh, from The West Wing, so I think I'm living out those fantasies) and an Army friends' 40th. Next weekend is the state election as well as a Howard Jones concert. I would have been silently sitting in the Mountains, but fate has put me in Sydney for this time.

now, back to the couch, the tissue box, cold tablets & old episodes of the West Wing. Must get fully better by tomorrow.

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