Thursday, March 22, 2007

review in The Age

"But it's Catriona's lambada training that evinces the most dramatic results: a key that unlocks her body language and turns her into a successful serial flirt overnight."

Article in The Age about tonight's program.


australwind said...

Hey Cat.....interesting that the whole bias of the programme was about the "biological imperative"....I wonder how they would assess the attractors for those out there that are past the "breeding " age.

.....and those of us here watching collectively decided you can execute a pretty mean lambada!

Cat's Experiment said...

hello! glad you enjoyed the dancing.!

the brain doesn't know whether you can or can't bred, it operates on the desire perspective, so being past 'breeding age' should not affect your still feel like a women & he's still a man..

prehaps a show on 40+ dating? did you see Single Club on SBS...they had older daters there & they acted the same, just with more understanding of what they want.

australwind said...

Must admit that I missed the show on SBS.... don't get a great deal of time for TV these days.

Also must admit that I have been failing miserably on the "attracting" front myself lately. Seems that for me, if they can't engage my attention from an intellectual perspective, there is not a chance in hell that they will get anywhere no matter what the body says!

Cat's Experiment said...

hello long supportive commentator.. I love a good brain too, a good intellect & a stimulating conversation. Alain de Botton is my pin-up in that space..nights of long intellectual conversations is an absolute turn-on. with you on that fron..