Sunday, March 25, 2007

nil result

Its been a few days since the broadcast. One Aunt very kindly said I had a career in TV, which is fun to hear. Not sure I like the pressure of grooming and hair removal. So will retire now I've had my 15 mins.

Apart from friends and relatives (btw for those who know my family, neither my brother nor sister said a thing, not even 'I saw the show' , nothing, whereas Mum & Dad thought it was a good show & I looked great *sweet*) who all said positive things, I had one bloke who called to congratulate me on my lambada dancing. It was Mr BV's best friend. And another who should have bet his flatmates it was the chick from up the road on TV.

Last night was the NSW state elections. Was hanging out with one of the Liberal candidates at a local pub when we got a last minute call to fill-up the main Liberal Party's party; as they were about to conceed defeat and most people had left. On arrival immediately got the drinks organised & then scanned the huge ballroom. I was looking for a 'Josh' .. my fantasy political boyfriend (from the West Wing) that's the only reason I was there...not from some far-right political beliefs, just an ageing political groupie looking for an imaginary TV character at real-life event.

has anyone heard of an actor -slash- mortgage broker as a profession? she was the political groupie of the night, fishnet tights and all. didn't feel so obvious after meeting her.

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australwind said...

I have recently worked on the campaign for a friend running for election to fill an extraordinary vacancy.

I attended several number crunching sessions (in itself a fascinating process as to how preference distribution deals work) and decided that most of the men involved were definitely not my type at all!

Geeks of another kind complete with offensive body odour and bad breath!

There were definitely no "Josh" types present - unfortunately - I agree with your assessment of him. He's without a doubt, the hottest thing on that show!

Shame that your family weren't a little more supportive/interested in what you had been doing.