Monday, March 26, 2007

Strange Dreams

I love my dreams, the cryptic little buggers, that have me puzzling for the first 10 mins of the day. Over the years I've been able to sort out their jumbled scenarios & see what fabulous messages I need to learn or sort through. Sometimes I use an old dream book, by Quentin Watts who was on Triple J radio, she was always fascinated by the positive messages of dreams and that helped me be less frightened of some dream situations, especially the shameful ones, the naked ones, the death ones. Each is about processing reactions to the day and thoughts for the future.

Last night's dream processed the dating world to me and gave an answer to why I haven't met anyone yet. I was in a stationery store choosing wedding invites, the kind you pick & choose the combinations. Some were conservative, other were too feminine. I was looking for something more me - with a design edge, modern and different, and I had confidence in my skills of taste to make my own selection. It was very busy in there, like everyone was in a hurry. Some people knew what they wanted, others got help from their mothers, the assistants helped the neurotic ones decide, they ignored me as I seemed to know what I was doing. I took my time, I knew I could find it myself.

I spied an upper shelf with arty styles. On closer examination, they were artistically right but for gay weddings, ie. showing female/ female couples so I had to go back to the standard area. By then most of the cards had gone (go figure what that means!) I found one half but not the backing. Some cards were coming back, as they weren't right (another obvious message about divorcees and people back on the market) but these cards were a little soiled.. (ha!)

Finally I was handed a ready-made card package. It was in plastic, was the perfect colours (green and purple?) and came with matching envelope and all. Someone called 'Michael' said "you seemed to know what you were doing, so we left you alone, but the right one is here for you..and we're here to help you now."

The dream said, they may only be a few men left, compared to a whole shop full, but the right one is still there for you, and it'll just happen, because you are there & people want to help.

I've never been in a hurry to find someone, although I wanted to all the time.. I suppose I know what I want, just haven't found it yet. I've looked in the wrong places, whether the people were right for me or me for them, same result.

My small amount of panic was cured by a strange dream.

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