Saturday, March 31, 2007


Thursday night followed art-opening friend, Tina, to Powerhouse for SmartWorks. Apart from art history Tina's skill is also knowing what beverages are served at which gallery openings...she is following the gin trail of art.

Just as she asked, 'has anyone recognised you from the Catalyst show', a nice young bloke tapped my shoulder to ask 'were you on tv this week?'. When he introduced his wife, she gave a fantastic wide mouth stare in recognition. The only response was to start telling stories about the filming. Then felt I had to shut up, stop being full of myself & ask them things...turned out they were exhibiting artists & Tina knew their works.

Others have been in contact. More texts messages from former daters, Mr Chatty called from the INXS concert to compliment my performance. Then MrFitManly emailed to catch-up.. he's moved into the city from Manly, much more we'll see.

somewhere in amongst this list of activities will emerge...? what?

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