Friday, March 09, 2007

Wish List

Just to prove, mostly to myself, that I'm not fussy, just haven't' met the right person, here's a list of What I want.

Someone who's
  1. Real not Perfect
  2. Loves his Job - but leaves it behind when he gets home
  3. Likes 80's music
  4. Taller than me (a few inches at least..I'm 5ft 61/2" - 168 cms)
  5. Smiles easily
  6. Chatty & Intelligent
  7. Likes Swimming
  8. Active
  9. Can cook
  10. Eats meat & drinks red wine
  11. has worked on himself
  12. more day than night person
  13. can talk and drive
  14. Fascinated by me.. (!)

Someone had 25 points on their wish list..I've only got 14. There is so much that's flexible. At one stage I wanted a bloke with darker skin. I'm the whitest person next to Nicole Kidman; so wanted to breed out my white skin. But don't care about that now... sun screen lotions have improved and all that.

No mention of physique - but hard to describe precisely...not too chubby, not too scrawny, but I like swimmers & active blokes, then it generally works out I like their bodies.

but really I've just described I looking for a male version of me??

1 comment:

Bureaucrat said...

at the wise age of 24 (soon to be 25), i can tell you that we all settle for a shorter list...which is not always a bad thing...but not always a good thing, either.