Friday, March 09, 2007

Out There

When you talk to coupled people, explain your singleness & just to humour it along, because being single is just a huge joke, you ask them how they met each other. IIt usually is a series of meetings and discoveries until they realised it was pretty good & they did all the serious stuff to become a couple. So you ask them some advice & inevitably the phrase 'you just have to be Out There' pops up.

yep, Out There..

In the big bad world the coupled people left behind about 3, 7, 12, 23 yrs ago. And they haven't been back since, so they tell you 'get Out There'. Well I haven't left 'Out There' since I arrived here about 19 yrs ago, ever since I discovered blue cocktails & flashing dance floors. The drinks have changed colour & the floors no longer light up, or bounce as you dance on them. Dancing is now a home activity, taken on saturday nights in pyjamas.

And in the Out There world, you try all sorts of things to meet someone. Now the coupled people get interested: see they've read about the activities of being single in weekend news magazines. There is internet dating, speed dating, make-overs & compatability tests. So I explain all the things I've done.

* Internet dating -on
* Speed Dating - via Fast Impressions & the cheaper alternative Fast Date
* Speed Dinners

then everyday flirting involves..
* Chatting to random people in a pub
* Being friendly to barista's & greengrocers & bar staff
* Checking blokes out...cafes, train stations, in cars at lights.

then using traditional methods
* friends, family & work
* Recommendations via friends
* Blind Dates
* Attending every party/ bottle opening that anyone ever puts on. 'cos you never know who you will meet.

Joining Sports clubs/ political parties/ evening classes/ returning to Uni

(swimming clubs/touch footy/ gyms/ liberal party (maybe should try labor party?)/ painting/ french & italian classes/ back for another degree)

Travelling overseas by myself/ meeting up with friends overseas/ Working overseas

Yep, I've been Out There.

So eventually I went on a science show to improve what I thought must be a fault. Let Science show me the way!!

drat. still single.


k said...

It's interesting. I hear the same thing. And once in awhile I meet someone (who isn't related to an ex, arg, that was frustrating!!!, last weekend, on my blog :)), but in general, the best way I've ever met guys is through other friends. And now, that's seeming to be slimmer and slimmer pickings... especially with single friends.

Cat's Experiment said...

darling, always love your comments...but where is your blog? would love to read it too!

k said...

you should be able to click on my name and find it:, just in case you can't :)

It's not nearly as interesting as yours... but I hope you enjoy it :)