Friday, March 23, 2007

The morning after

Well hope you enjoyed the Catalyst program & maybe learnt something about desire, dating and flirtation. Here's my summary.

Once you like the look of them, do a 4 minute eye stare, this developes intimacy. Take date to an amusement park, start on whimpy rides - finish on scary tumbling rides - this encourage libido and adrenaline. Then do a big sniff of their body odor - like or repell ? your nose will tell you if it's a good match, as much as your eyes & brain. Or as the show concluded, it's actually quite simple, when you meet them, you just like them. All the other brain chemical stuff is a dissection of all that goes on. The body does a lot to make life simple for us.

On my dating front, I got a text message from Mr Balcony View just before the show.
'I am looking forward to tonights show'
Because I just got a new phone (go three!) had lost all contacts and didnt' know who it had to do the 'who is this' reply. Quelle shock when he texted back his name.
He's been invited to a gig tonight..wonder if he'll come.

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