Saturday, March 17, 2007

The show is on this week

The Catalyst show is on this week.

Thursday March 22

another reason why I shouldnt' have been away at the silence retreat.

update: I've now seen the promos..quite horrifying. The filming was fun, but not this part, the edited results. I agreed to the ordeal because the ABC is a quality channel, so hopefully there won't be any sensationalised attempts to depict any of us badly. Think I may have done that by myself!

So if anyone does see it & have any questions about the show...just leave a comment. ! my own Q&A.

cheers, cat


australwind said...

Caught the promo at the end of last week's programme and am sooooo looking forward to seeing how they present the research.

Hope you are having a screening party!

Cat's Experiment said...

it was such a surprise to hear it was on, last scheduled for June (perfectly timed with my 40th!) but a friend saw the promo..
..sick making.

it was much easier to make than the thought of it being finally on.

love to see how 'scientific' it ends up!

k said...

is there any way us non-aussies can see it online or anything?

australwind said...

I don't know whether the ABC broadcast online or not..... I have had a look and it would appear that after the how is broadcast free to air it will appear here.....